We had a fun time capturing some beautiful dance photos for Ellis this week. Our daughter Harper joined in the fun and was pretty impressed with Ellis’ moves – I think we may have a future dancer on our hands!

Brenda + Mike: A Wedding Day Sneak Peek!

Congratulations to Brenda and Mike on their beautiful wedding last weekend at the Great Overland Station in Topeka. It was a beautiful day filled with lots of smiles, laughter and love. Many wishes for a lifetime of happiness Mike and Brenda – thank you for letting us be a part of your day!

Mallorie + Trevor: A Wedding Day Sneak Peek!

Last weekend we celebrated with Mallorie and Trevor and wow, it was a COLD Kansas day.  This happy couple calls Nevada home these days and they were hoping that if it had to be so cold on their wedding day they would at least like to see a little snow.  Luckily Mother Nature came through at the very last minute and these two got to see a few flakes before calling it a night.  Mallorie and Trevor – thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day.  We’ve loved getting to know you over the past several months and we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

Bride’s Profile: Doing it Destination Style!

Mexico Wedding

Danny and Val – Riviera Maya, Mexico

When Danny came along and gave me a second chance at love, I couldn’t wait to become his Mrs. Forever. We wasted no time tying the knot and headed to the courthouse to make it official. Then, in the summer of 2014, we welcomed our two beautiful twin boys, Hudson and Pierce, into the world. We were now a happy little family of 4…but something was missing.

We were already married, but I still wanted a ceremony. What woman doesn’t?! After all, I had found the man of my dreams and I wanted to celebrate with family and friends. But (and this is a BIG but), I didn’t want to do a big, blown out wedding with thousands of dollars spent on a night I’d barely remember. So, we decided on a destination wedding and immediately started planning.

Ken Doll Photography

Who could resist this lovable face!?

We scoured the internet, searching for the perfect resort for the wedding. When we finally settled on one, we started working with the on-site wedding coordinator and everything was starting to fall into place. But, when we started talking photographers, I just couldn’t commit to a stranger I had never met to take pictures of my big day. We researched the resort’s photographers, and we were shocked to learn how expensive they were for only a few hours worth of photos. So Danny and I ultimately decided it was worth it for us to bring along a reputable photographer we’d love, and Ken Doll was the obvious choice!

Our trip to Mexico for our wedding was amazing. The resort was perfect and the experience was laid back and relaxed, just how we wanted it to be. But the best decision we made was to bring Ken Doll along with us. He captured so much more than our wedding ceremony, and those special moments will be the ones we share with our boys in 20 years. A week in paradise

Choosing the right photographer can make or break your wedding day experience. Aside from being the best photographer on Earth, Ken and his beautiful wife, Maggie, are like family. Am I bias? Maybe. But you will never convince me there is a better photographer out there than Ken Doll. I’ve been lucky enough to have Ken capture my pregnancy, my wedding, my family and my handsome little devils, Hudson and Pierce. Every time I schedule a shoot with Ken, I’m amazed by the images he captures. I don’t know how he does it, but he does. Every time.

Weddings are stressful. There are so many decisions to make, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll over think all of them. I could go on for days about how highly I recommend choosing a destination wedding. It made our lives so much easier, and saved us tons of money! It was a wedding, a honeymoon, and a vacation all wrapped up in one. We laid by the pool. We ate too much food. We drank every frozen, fruity concoction you could imagine. We went to the spa, we played in the sand and we created memories that we will remember forever. Having Ken and Maggie there has allowed us to capture every exciting experience we had on that trip. I can’t wait to pull out my pictures again in 25 years and laugh at our funny hairstyles, cry about how big my babies have gotten, and start planning our next destination vacation to renew our vows…I just hope Ken is still carrying a camera at that time.

Family fun in the sun

Megan + Brandon: A Wedding Day Sneak Peek!

Here’s a sneak peek from Megan and Brandon’s beautiful November wedding! It was a COLD day, so luckily one of our stops included a trip to Starbucks inside Barnes & Noble. That just so happened to be the place where Megan and Brandon had their first date.  We had a great time with this fun wedding party – thanks to everyone for braving the frigid outdoor temp.  Congratulations Megan & Brandon!

Erin + Andrew: A Wedding Day Sneak Peek!

A gorgeous Sunday in October set the backdrop for Erin and Andrew’s wedding celebration.  A beautiful ceremony held in Creekside at Berryton’s barn followed by a reception in the banquet hall.  So many fun photographs from Erin and Andrew’s big day, here are just a few. Best wishes to both of you – thanks so much for letting us join the celebration!


Samantha + Joe: A Wedding Day Sneak Peek!

Last month we celebrated with Samantha and Joe on a beautiful Fall day as they said, “I Do.” It was a fun day filled with a great group of family and friends and was topped off with a first for us – the bride making her grand entrance at the reception on the back of her Dad’s Harley! Thanks for letting us join in the fun. Congrats Samantha and Joe!

Katie + Wait: A Wedding Day Sneak Peek!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of photographing Katie and Wait’s Kansas wedding. While Katie and Wait live in North Carolina, Katie grew up in Kansas and the couple welcomed friends and family from across the country to celebrate with them in Topeka. The ceremony was held at First Presbyterian Church of Topeka, which also happens to be the same church where Katie was baptized, confirmed and ordained. The Cider Gallery in Lawrence was a perfect backdrop for Katie and Wait’s reception where friends and family enjoyed dinner, drinks and dancing to celebrate with the couple. Katie and Wait, we wish you all the best – thank you for letting us join in the fun!

Tori + Nathan: A Wedding Day Sneak Peek!

Last Saturday was a picture perfect Kansas day to celebrate Tori and Nathan’s outdoor wedding at Old Prairie Town in Topeka.  We had a blast with this super-fun, Star Wars-loving wedding party!  From lightsabers and funny faces to a beautifully personal wedding ceremony – it was a great day.  Congrats to Tori and Nathan!!

Senior Photos: Emily

We get to meet a lot of great high school seniors and Emily is one of them.  A very motivated young woman with some great hobbies, including jumping horses and painting.  It was fun being able to work some of her interests into her photos and was such a pleasure getting to know her and her family.