Kyli H. Senior Session

Kyli is a senior at Topeka West High School. After high school she hopes to pursue fine arts. Her interests are in painting, drawing, writing mini stories, gaming and singing. We enjoyed shooting her pictures and the artistic challenge they provided was a breath of fresh air. We hope you enjoy her senior photos as much as we did!

KD: What would be your dream job?

Kyli: Illustration, painting or photography..

KD: What is your favorite food for lunch?

Kyli: Any time of the day is a good time for Asian food!

KD: What are you most proud of that you accomplished while in school?

Kyli: Earning the opportunity to go to Washburn Tech and getting higher grades. Meeting amazing friends and teachers along the way.

KD: Do you collect anything?

Kyli: Coca cola caps

KD: What music do you like to listen to (favorite musician/band)?

Kyli: I like Twenty One Pilots and Fall out boy but I really like heavy metal and lofi 

KD: How have you changed since freshman year?

Kyli: I believe I was able to get out of my shell, and now I’m able to speak up and express myself. I enjoy this cause I wasn’t able to do this very well when I was a freshman. I like to believe I became a much more understanding and reliable friend to everyone around me too.

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